Actuatec equips with many large precision/manufacturing facilities. We have the capacity to produce cylinder tube to 1.5 meter in diameter, and 10 meter in length.

oning Machine Grounding Machine Boring Machine Large Lathe
CNC Lathe Machine Center Milling machine Drilling equipment
Double-column milling machine Related Quality Control equipment Plating equipment Auto-welding equipment
Internet equipment Hydraulic testing equipment        

Bore:Ø40~Ø2500 mm.(Single Action) Ø40~Ø1500 mm.(Double Action)

Stroke:0~20 M.(Single Action)0~32 M.(Double Action)

Pressure Range:70、140、210、250、350kg/cm².(Hydraulic Cylinder)50、70、100 kg/cm².(Hydraulic Jack)

Maximum test pressure: 140 Mpa.